TOP 3 Jobs to work remotely: Guide to work from home for newbies

With the recent increase in the number of remote jobs available, the ability to work outside the more conservative cooperate office has become a thing of reality. Before now, the idea of working remotely did not really gain enough ground to have made it more possible, but since the Covid-19 pandemic, the ability to work remotely has become more accepted.

This has allowed professionals in different fields to find work and execute such jobs within the comfort of their homes, not minding the location of the job available. So what are the 3 most sought-after remote jobs?


A copywriter can be said to be a professional writer who creates copy or text that can be used for marketing and promotional purposes but not limited to that. This kind of writing must be compelling, persuasive, engaging, and, elaborate but concise. It also includes writing, editing, and proofreading which are its core skills.

This is one of the most in-demand remote jobs online. This is due to the fact that every thriving and growing company wants to put such a company or organization in the limelight for the general populace to know about its products or services. To do so, they require the services of a copywriter. This is achieved by learning about the market, researching old traits and patterns, and utilizing keywords. This is one of the significant reasons why copywriting is in demand. And according to statistics, the copywriting market is expected to grow by almost 7.6% in the next 2–3 years.

It is also one of the most easily accessible entry level remote jobs online on sites like we work remotely. Indeed, it requires basically the ability to read and write fluently and professionally in the language required, and a keen interest in creating compelling content.

Virtual Assistant

The ability to provide administrative support to a person or organization, outside the conventional office setting can be referred to as virtual assistance. This is also one of the most in-demand remote jobs worldwide available online. It is common to see companies hiring virtual assistants to help with technical support, creative assistance, or other forms of clients’ request.

For such companies or individuals, hiring a virtual assistant is more cost-effective and saves time than the conventional office administrative assistant. This is because working with a virtual assistant is more flexible since the virtual assistant can, without hassle or stress, tailor his/her schedule to match that of the client. This can also be possible with the flexibility that comes with working part time remote jobs.

Customer Support

To keep pleasing customers, answer their queries and provide them with solutions to their inquiries, companies need customer support working nomads. This is one job that has since gone remote as people no longer physically visit offices or stores, make inquiries or lay a complaint or also ask for guidance as they use to in the past.

Customer support requires calm, patient, and supportive individuals who are usually empathetic to the plight and complaints of the customers. This, in order to effectively and efficiently solve the customer complaints; and you can find such jobs with local or international companies.